#MegaColon Request Form

Are you hosting a health fair or colorectal cancer (CRC) awareness event where our giant inflatable colon could help educate your attendees about the importance of screening for CRC? Please confirm you can provide the information below before moving forward with completing this request form. A member of our team will follow-up with confirmation and related details.  

1.   Provide proof of liability insurance.

2.   Donation of $3,000 + processing fees for one day of use. This cost includes covering shipping (FedEx Ground), staff time, and wear-and-tear to the colon. Payment must be received prior to the #MegaColon being shipped to your location. Rental costs are $500 for each additional day. If a generator is needed, the cost is $200.

3.   The #MegaColon must be shipped to a business address with ability to receive the inflatable between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.

4.   Confirm you can return the colon within 2 business days of the event (the Colorectal Cancer Equity Foundation will provide the return shipping label). Please provide as much lead time as possible for your event request, but we need a minimum of (5) weeks between request date and event date.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Can you provide certificate of insurance with a $1 million general liability insurance with the Colorectal Cancer Equity Foundation listed as an additional insured.*
Max. file size: 192 MB.
Can you provide a donation of $3,000 plus processing fees to cover shipping, staff time, and wear-and-tear to the colon? Online payment is available via ACH or credit card. Secure payment link to be provided when your request is approved.*
Do you have a business address with ability to receive the #MegaColon between 8-5 p.m. weekday? *
Shipping address: please include the name for the shipping label and phone number. *
Can you ship the #MegaColon to a provided address within 2 business days of the event (the Colorectal Cancer Equity Foundation will provide a return shipping label)? *
CARE AND USAGE - PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR VENUE CAN ACCOMODATE THE FOLLOWING • Colon comes in a hard plastic shipping container - approximately 21" deep x 26" wide x 37" long • Inflated size - 10’ tall, 13’ wide, 20’ long • Shipping Weight - approximately 150 lbs • Setup requirements - access to a three-pronged electrical outlet, a footprint of approximately 20'x20' will allow 3-5 feet around all sides. (indoor/outdoor three-pronged extension cord included). • Motor/power requirements - Self-contained built-in blower needs a generator with a minimum of 2,000 watts. • Indoor use - minimum ceiling height of 15'. • Outdoor use - the provided tethers must be used outdoors either with sandbags or stakes (not provided). The #MegaColon may not be used outdoors where winds are 25mph or more and must be deflated and stored if it rains. • The colon, storage bag, and shipping container must be dry before being packed up for return shipping. *(Required)
Please confirm you and your team will not alter or change the signage included on the colon, including covering, or altering informational logos, placements, signage, etc. Depending on the #MegaColon schedule and shipping logistics, additional items specifically for Colorectal Cancer Equity Foundation events may also be in the shipping container. These items MUST remain in the shipping container and be sent back along with the inflatable colon. *(Required)
Please confirm you understand this is a request form only. Our team will process this request and will check the availability and logistics involved and get back to you with confirmation within one week. *(Required)
By submitting this rental application, and checking this box, I agree that all the information provided here is accurate, and if the colon is available for my event, I will notify the Colorectal Cancer Equity Foundation immediately should any of these details change. I agree to notify the Colorectal Cancer Equity Foundation of any harm or damage that occurs to the #MegaColon while it is under my care. I will not hold the Colorectal Cancer Equity Foundation liable for any damage to any person or property from use of this inflatable educational tool that occurs while the #MegaColon is in my possession. *(Required)

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.